Our Story

Our founder built Pick'd Flowers to improve her Grandfather's local floral business. As a young girl, she grew up around the floral shop and developed a strong love for all things flowers. Her Grandfather, Pasquale, was a hard-working entrepreneur that spent his days working in the shop, defining his legacy. His business had survived for over 40 years, but operations hadn't changed much since the 1980's and it was starting to impact their bottom line. Pick'd Flowers was created with her grandfather's entrepreneurial spirit as the sole inspiration, and is aiming to make a positive impact on floral shops across the globe.

Our Team

Our founding team shares a passion for solving problems through technology. Pick'd Flowers is a software-first company founded on the belief that great software solutions shouldn't be reserved for only big corporations. Great software should support local business and help encourage innovation within even the most outdated businesses, like the floral industry.

Jacqueline Rinehardt

Co-Founder & CEO

Jacqueline has spent her career as a tech founder using software as a medium to solve real world problems. She has created mobile apps, web-apps, and founded a pitch competition to encourage more people to share their ideas.

Kevin Carrabine

Co-Founder & CTO

Kevin is an experience software-engineer turned entrepreneur. Kevin's passionate about developing solutions and solving big problems with code.

Jay Price

Senior Software Engineer

Jay is an expert in software development and has created the Pick'd marketplace!

Working Local

We were built to better a family floral business through technology, and expanded to support all local florists

Working for order gatherers like 1-800-Flowers often leaves local florists with little to no margins, limited data on inventory and operations, and an outdated customer experience online. Pick'd Flowers is giving the floral industry back to the florist with better margins, better data, and a cutting-edge customer experience. Our florist first approach sets us apart, and keeps local business thriving. Join the revolution and apply Today to be a Pick'd Partner.

The Pick'd Guarantee

We guarantee fresh, locally-designed bouquets at Pick'd Flowers. Our flowers are professionally arranged by local florists to deliver the highest quality regardless of how you order.